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TESTIMONIAL "Peter is a highly skilled, determined and passionate SharePoint expert going above and beyond what was expected. During his time at National Grid, he developed a highly complex InfoPath form on SharePoint which is now being used across the UK and US. The deadlines of the project were strict but Peter ensured that quality was never sacrificed. He worked very closely with the end user to ensure an excellent product was created to meet the customer’s needs. It was a pleasure working with Peter and wish him all the best in the future.” Michael Greville - Digital Project Manager at National Grid. TESTIMONIAL “Peter is worth his weight in Gold!” Gerry Geddes - Managing Director at HLB Ltd TESTIMONIAL “Peter worked with Arden & GEM to deliver a customer Office 365 workplace project on a tight timescale. Peter has a wealth and depth of experience he brought to the project and effectively suggest improvements and challenge proposed methods of working. This meant we were able to find a best fit for the customer and leverage the combined understanding and experience. He made a real impact to the team and his contributions have allowed us to change both our team structure and delivery model. We wish Peter all the best in the future.” Chris Reynolds - Head of Innovation & Product Development at Arden & GEM. TESTIMONIAL “Using SharePoint has enabled my business to offer new services to my clients and has strengthened client and supplier business relationships through the adoption of the latest web technologies. I was stunned when Solvetech built and delivered the solution within a matter of weeks.” Paul Myers - IT Director at Tetra Group Ltd.

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