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We deliver SharePoint consultancy solutions designed to help you transform your business and massively impact your bottom line. We work in close partnership with you to deliver brilliant customer focused solutions. This is what we do.

We act as a close adviser to your business focusing on rapid SharePoint solutions to solve your business problems and provide the greatest business benefit for the lowest cost.

Fast and good quality client led solutions are essential – always.

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Rapidly building SharePoint consultancy solutions to deliver massive returns on your investment. We  deliver brilliant customer focused and agile SharePoint solutions that do not fail. Your business issues can usually be solved by building SharePoint solutions. This is because SharePoint is an extremely versatile and powerful tool.

We combine our agile processes and technical ability to build your solutions.

Our way of working is to form a close partnership with you so that we can understand your issues and then architect a solution tailored specifically for you.

You work with us to define clear and measurable business goals. These goals being measurable and verifiable which lets us validate success. Brilliant customer focused and Agile processes allows us to deliver rapid solutions that meet true business needs – on-time, every time!

Health Check Services

SharePoint Heath Checks

We have been providing SharePoint consultancy and development expertise using SharePoint across all versions since 2002 – not many companies can say that!

Solvetech are your advisers on SharePoint related matters and have been in business for quite some time as a trusted partner to businesses both  large and small.

During our time working with SharePoint, we have seen and resolved many SharePoint related issues and we have built up a body of knowledge and best practice for SharePoint. We constantly search for emerging best practice to add to our knowledge base.

We apply this knowledge as advisers to your business as we evaluate the health of your SharePoint implementation and provide a report that details any issues uncovered and how to address them.

For example at Seadrill we transformed a failing SharePoint farm to a robust and reliable platform over a matter of weeks. The problems included appalling response times and system crashes that took the whole intranet down. We analysed the problems and put forward a series of recommendations to first stabilise and then enhance the solution. Response times went from over 60 seconds – a very long time – to less than 6 seconds. That is a ten-fold improvement and up-time was measured at 99.999% compared with 89% previously.

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Agile SharePoint Solutions

Agile SharePoint Consultant

We are passionate about using Agile to deliver outstanding SharePoint consultancy solutions.

Our award winning team work really hard to translate your wants and needs into reality. If you are in the initial stages of your Agile journey we will mentor and guide you as we work together as one team.

Our team has certified SCRUM Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers and Developers. We have provided Agile and SharePoint consultancy to organisations including British Airways, the NHS and the Department of Health.

Custom Built SharePoint Solutions

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We work in close harmony with you to build great solutions. Our talented business analysts work hard to understand your business problems/issues to craft an efficient solution that meets your needs quickly and thoroughly.

Want SharePoint to NOT look like SharePoint? Our CSS wizards are highly skilled and adept at customising the user experience.

We are highly experienced in building SharePoint farms, Intranets, Extranets – you name it we have done it!

For example we built a ground-breaking performance management solution for Careers Wales. This solution enabled management of people and assets related to performance locked into a vault with totally secure access.

For the National Grid we developed an InfoPath solution that had defied previous consultants ability to build. This is now in use globally.

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SharePoint Migration Consultancy

If you seek help in migrating from one version of SharePoint to another then give us a call. We are heavily experienced in migrating from SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2019 and to SharePoint Online.

We also migrate InfoPath forms so that you can future-proof your investment.

Planning is Everything

Our SharePoint architects have designed intranets  with highly complex requirements. We ensure your search experience is enhanced, quick and precise so that you can reliably find content.

Your intranet is perfectly laid out to be an intuitive part of your people’s working day.

Trusted Partners

Trusted SharePoint Consultants

During the past 20 years we have built up a deep understanding of the third party ecosystem around SharePoint.As consultants we know that it is often faster, more cost-effective and of higher quality to purchase rather than building your own solution.

We have developed a trusted partner network whose products we have used, like and have chosen as best-of-breed.


InfoPath Solutions

InfoPath Migration Consultancy

InfoPath is a key technology for many existing SharePoint clients. However it is being phased out and you will seek to replace your existing forms.

You can choose different routes from lift and shift onto a new platform or to future proof what you already have.


SharePoint Consultancy

Rapidly building SharePoint solutions to deliver

a massive return on your investment.