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We have carefully selected partners who represent the best providers in the industry bar none. We only work with the best. We validate and check our partners products and services.

You can rest assured that if a partner is listed here then we trust them.

Security Checks

Is Your Office 365 Environment Secure?

So Microsoft employs probably the best security team in the World to protect its clients in the cloud. That’s a fact. Does this mean you can forget about security? Absolutely not!

There are many threats. Recent experience where a Microsoft employee inadvertently leaked his password to hackers meant that millions of email boxes were exposed for several months. Things like this will happen despite everyone’s best efforts.

So what to do?

Here at Solvetech we have a security team that knows SharePoint inside and out but cloud security is not our forte so we partner with a company that specialises in security. This company is Intercity Technology. Their leading edge product , Touch Secure secures everything in the cloud. Protecting your organisation against external and internal threats is an increasingly complex activity. As the volume and sophistication of attacks are on the rise, your security technology must continuously stay ahead. Touch Secure is an advanced, cloud-based next-generation firewall that provides your business with multiple levels of security, application-level inspection and a range of service options designed to suit your needs.

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