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Why Online Guidance is so Important

The reason that online guidance for people using Office 365 is so critical is that it is the fundamental pillar that Office 365 User Adoption programmes require to be in place.

People will need guidance where they want it and when they want it. They need timely advice when they are actively using Office 365. Ask any trainer and they will privately admit that most people forget 50% of their training within a week! 80% within two weeks - unless they use it straight away.


Is Your Office 365 Environment Secure?

So Microsoft employs probably the best security team in the World to protect its clients in the cloud. That's a fact. Does this mean you can forget about security? Absolutely not!

There are many threats. Recent experience where a Microsoft employee inadvertently leaked his password to hackers meant that millions of email boxes were exposed for several months. Things like this will happen despite everyone's best efforts.

So what to do?

Here at Solvetech we have a security team that knows SharePoint inside and out but cloud security is not our forte so we partner with a company that specialises in security. This company is Intercity Technology. Their leading edge product , Touch Secure secures everything in the cloud. Protecting your organisation against external and internal threats is an increasingly complex activity. As the volume and sophistication of attacks are on the rise, your security technology must continuously stay ahead. Touch Secure is an advanced, cloud-based next-generation firewall that provides your business with multiple levels of security, application-level inspection and a range of service options designed to suit your needs.

Office 365 memory loss

What is needed is a timely help and guidance solution that can provide assistance via very short videos, help articles and crucially bespoke and tailored walkthroughs to guide people through complex tasks.

There is a product out there from the market leading vendor VisualSP whose products we trust, love and use on a daily basis.


We have been working with VisualSP products for several years. We trust VisualSP and believe that their VisualSP products are a game changer for companies using Microsoft 365. The VisualSP product enables companies to deliver just-in-time training and guidance when people need it, where they need it and it massively impacts returns on investment.[

VisualSP for Office 365 & SharePoint


Provide in-context help and training to your users throughout the entire suite of Office 365 applications including SharePoint Online. This product also works great on SharePoint On-Premises or for hybrid implementations.

VisualSP for Microsoft Teams


The VisualSP app for Teams gives your employees access to the entire library of Microsoft Office 365 training content directly through the Microsoft Teams interface.

VisualSP for Anything

Provide in-context training and support on-demand to your users of any web application. Bring the power of VisualSP to your SaaS or custom built web application and guide end users at their moment-of-need.


Put simply we enable our clients to grow richer and more capable than ever before.

We do this by empowering them through the use of advanced Office 365 technology.

Microsoft Power Platform & User Adoption Solutions

Rapidly building SharePoint solutions to deliver massive return on your investment.

Why Choose Us?

  • High Performance People

    We are high performance people with many years experience of working with clients to deliver solutions the business wants and needs.

  • Vast Experience...

    We have people who have been focusing on user adoption for over 20 years. We are also a Microsoft Partner specialising in the SharePoint platform since 2002.

  • We are really nice People

    We like to think we are nice people with strong ethics and displaying great empathy. Empathy helps us to understand your wants and needs and aids our understanding of your business.

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