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Rapidly building SharePoint solutions to deliver massive returns on investment making you richer. Brilliant customer-focused SharePoint solutions delivered with passion

Our Knowledge makes us Different

We pride ourselves on gaining knowledge on anything relating to InfoPath. We have an enormous library of knowledge across all versions of InfoPath.

To supplement our knowledge we take part in and attend many world-wide conferences where InfoPath is a topic.

This knowledge enables us to create very powerfull and innovative solutions.

InfoPath Migration Experts

InfoPath Experts

Delivering great InfoPath solutions to maximise your bottom line. Brilliant customer focused and agile workflow solutions.

Solvetech deliver great InfoPath solutions very quickly using Agile to focus on growing your return on investment.

Our InfoPath expertise is tried and tested on leading edge clients in the UK and US marketplaces. We have never failed to deliver even on the most complex of   forms.

Its amazing what you can achieve with electronic forms when combined with a workflow engine.

Why use InfoPath Experts?

Why indeed? It can be difficult and expensive to have in-house people deliver InfoPath and when they leave they take that knowledge with them.

Its our knowledge and expertise that makes us different. We can build faster, better and, at times, ground-breaking solutions that have defied others.

We save our clients money by delivering cost-effective solutions to your pressing needs.

Rapidly building SharePoint solutions to deliver massive return on your investment.

InfoPath Expertise Guaranteed

InfoPath experts are a rare breed. Some of our clients have used contractors before but find that they lose the knowledge when they move on. They prefer to set up a long-term relationship with us.

Solvetech specialise in delivering InfoPath consultancy quickly using our Agile framework to focus on the big revenue earners/cost savings. Over the years we have built many advanced form solutions for companies both large and small.

We achieve this by using our InfoPath expertise within an agile delivery framework and have been working with InfoPath since it was released in 2003.

InfoPath has undergone many new releases finally ending with InfoPath 2013.

Mainstream support ending in 2023
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The electronic forms that InfoPath provided for SharePoint were a core part of the usefulness of SharePoint for many businesses. This combined with the workflow engine within SharePoint, transformed many business processes away from paper based forms and into automation. This automation of business workflows is a major contributor to the business value of SharePoint.

However, it has been in use for many years and is now clearly showing its age.

Today, we have modern pages in SharePoint and technology has moved on from 2013. Many companies who previously invested in InfoPath will need to replace their ageing forms before mainstream support for InfoPath ends in 2023.

Those companies can look at the Microsoft Power Platform - Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents for business automation solutions and there are other alternatives too.

Advanced Form Solutions

For many years we have built many advanced form solutions  Many were based on InfoPath or .NET and Visual Studio but over the past few years have been looking at alternatives.

The Microsoft Power Platform offers many modern solutions but it does not match InfoPath functionality on a like for like basis. You need to carefully analyse your InfoPath forms and map the functionality onto the Power Platform and make decisions based on the analysis..

In fact the Power platform offers many better ways of delivering  business solutions but it was not designed as a direct replacement for InfoPath.

Rebuild from scratch?
We migrating InfoPath forms & workflows to enable you to maximise the value of your infopath solutions

Because rebuilding all of your InfoPath forms would be a big ask for many companies. However, you can choose to rebuild just some of your business critical forms in the Microsoft Power Platform or even a new technology platform like Plumsail Forms. Plumsail lets you create responsive web forms for public sites, SharePoint Online, in SharePoint 2019 on-premise and the Office 365 platform.

You could also choose to rebuild forms in Visual Studio and .NET SharePoint forms.

There are also other form solutions like K2 Black Pearl which is the premiere on-premise solution, K2 AppiIT for Office 365  and Nintex.

Rapidly building SharePoint solutions to deliver massive return on your investment.
InfoPath Expertise and Knowledge

Yet another alternative is to lift and shift all of your forms using the Qdabra Software FormsViewer which is free to use.

FormsViewer starts from your existing InfoPath forms. No changes needed. That means no migration nor retraining cost for your staff. Maintain the investment you have made by uploading your forms which will then run out of the box in modern browsers - no more InfoPath filler!. You can also choose to add functionality with over 60 powerful new commands.

The software is free to use! You would be advised to take out a paid for support service which is a reasonable annual cost - well under four figures in total.

Rapidly building SharePoint solutions to deliver massive return on your investment.
Case Study - National Grid

We were hired as InfoPath experts to build an advanced forms solution for National Grid which is now being used globally in the US and UK. They said they wanted a fantastic InfoPath solutions quickly. National Grid also said that previous InfoPath consultants had tried and failed miserably. We actually succeeded despite a real problem with several difficult technical issues with the data. We created a perfect solution that the IT director praised:

Rich Adduci

Global Chief Information Officer at National Grid

"You guys did a much better job than I could have dreamed of, it’s easy to use, intuitive…and you got it done quickly and the business also likes it.  Great job, hats off to you both and the team that got this stood up, huge improvement!”

Michael Greville

Digital Project Manager at National Grid

"Peter is a highly skilled, determined and passionate SharePoint expert going above and beyond what was expected. During his time at National Grid, he developed a highly complex InfoPath form on SharePoint which is now being used across the UK and US. The deadlines of the project were strict but Peter ensured that quality was never sacrificed. He worked very closely with the end user to ensure an excellent product was created to meet the customer’s needs. It was a pleasure working with Peter and wish him all the best in the future.”

Rapidly building SharePoint solutions to deliver massive return on your investment.
Case Study - Careers Wales

We were hired as InfoPath consultants to build a performance management solution using InfoPath and SharePoint for Careers Wales (Cardiff and Vale). This enabled performance related forms and data to be held in a secure vault which was tightly controlled. Review points were automatically scheduled into peoples diaries and alerts set-up to monitor progress.

We made the permissions set to the author and manager at a form level so that no-one else could see sensitive information. It was seamless and easy to use (but quite complex to code - we stretched the limits with InfoPath past breaking point). To circumnavigate the issues we had - we used the QDabra qRules software to add more than 50 extra commands to InfoPath.

This solution gained country-wide interest as it was so ground-breaking.

Paul Ranton
IT Services Manager at Careers Wales Cardiff and Vale

"Working with Solvetech was a great experience. They took the time to understand our business and work closely with our people to understand requirements. This elegant solution was delivered using a fast and responsive agile project framework that users really embraced. The SharePoint solution enabled us to manage individual staff performance in a secure environment that automated review appointment bookings and emails. Solvetech went that extra mile by enabling us to improve user adoption of SharePoint and gain knowledge transfer in Careers Wales.


Put simply we enable our clients to grow richer and more capable than ever before.

We do this by empowering them through the use of advanced Office 365 technology.

Microsoft Power Platform & User Adoption Solutions

Rapidly building SharePoint solutions to deliver massive return on your investment.

Why Choose Us?

  • High Performance People

    We are high performance people with many years experience of working with clients to deliver solutions the business wants and needs.

  • Vast Experience...

    We have people who have been focusing on user adoption for over 20 years. We are also a Microsoft Partner specialising in the SharePoint platform since 2002.

  • We are really nice People

    We like to think we are nice people with strong ethics and displaying great empathy. Empathy helps us to understand your wants and needs and aids our understanding of your business.

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