We have been a Microsoft Partner for over twenty years.

This means that our people have been validated by Microsoft as having the skills and knowledge that you need to implement successful solutions.

If You

  • are thinking about user adoption of Office 365.

  • are seeking resources to take advantage of the Microsoft SharePoint platform using SharePoint on-premise or SharePoint Online then give us a call.

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We specialise inrapidly buildingrapidly buildingSharePoint business solutions

On premise

During our time working with SharePoint, we have seen and resolved many SharePoint related issues and we have built up a body of knowledge and best practice for SharePoint. We constantly search for emerging best practice to add to our knowledge base.

We apply this knowledge as advisers to your business as we evaluate the health of your SharePoint implementation and provide a report that details any issues uncovered and how to address them.


Hybrid allows you to gain the advantages of SharePoint Online while keeping your existing SharePoint data secure and separate in your own environment. Enterprises may seek this functionality if they have heavy workloads that stretch SharePoint Online beyond breaking point. Leave the heavy stuff on-premise and migrate the rest.

For enterprises that want to gradually move their existing on-premises SharePoint Server services to the cloud, SharePoint Server hybrid provides a staged migration path by extending high-impact SharePoint Server workloads to SharePoint Online.


Office 365 consultancy that provides real business value.

Our consultants are experts in migration, development, integration, adoption and support. We help you not only with the user adoption of Office 365 and SharePoint but to gain real and measured business value from your investment.

Our People

core team
Rapidly building SharePoint solutions - Sharon
Rapidly building SharePoint solutions to deliver massive returns on investment. Brilliant customer-focused SharePoint solutions delivered with Passion.
Fast & Agile SharePoint

Our Values

We are passionate about SharePoint. Our people have been building SharePoint solutions since 1992.

We build strong, long lasting and trusted relationships with our clients.

We are professional with a strong ethical and moral code of behavior - we do it properly.

We focus on rapidly delivering useful functionality to maximise your return on investment as early as possible.

Our people are highly competent in SharePoint and Office 365. Our first SharePoint project in 1992 was for Little Chef and Travelodge.

We have been working with Agile and providing consultancy for 25 years. We have provided Agile consultancy to companies like British Airways. In 1995 we worked with British Airways on the largest rollout of Agile in the world at that time.

Who we are

Solvetech limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company registration number 4623003.

Incorporated on 20/12/2002.


Registered office:

The Barn
173 Church Road
B31 2LX


Website: https://www.solvetech.com

email: hello@solvetech.com

telephone: 01902 851824

Management: Peter Ridgway-Davies

Stockholder: Peter Ridgway-Davies

Responsible for content: Peter Ridgway-Davies


Put simply we enable our clients to grow richer and more capable than ever before.

We do this by empowering them through the use of advanced Office 365 technology.

Microsoft Power Platform & User Adoption Solutions

Rapidly building SharePoint solutions to deliver massive return on your investment.

Why Choose Us?

  • High Performance People

    We are high performance people with many years experience of working with clients to deliver solutions the business wants and needs.

  • Vast Experience...

    We have people who have been focusing on user adoption for over 20 years. We are also a Microsoft Partner specialising in the SharePoint platform since 2002.

  • We are really nice People

    We like to think we are nice people with strong ethics and displaying great empathy. Empathy helps us to understand your wants and needs and aids our understanding of your business.

Would You Like to Start a Project with us?

If you are thinking about User Adoption of Office 365 or seeking to gain the ROI you were promised

If you  are looking for people to take advantage of the Microsoft SharePoint platform using SharePoint on-premise or SharePoint Online then give us a call.


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