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Health Check Services

Since 2002 we have been working with SharePoint.

During that time we have seen and resolved many issues. Over the period we have built up a body of knowledge on best practice for SharePoint.

We apply this knowledge to evaluating the health of your SharePoint implementation and provide a report that details any issues uncovered and how to address them.

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Migration Services

If you seek help in migrating from one version of SharePoint to another then give us a call. We are heavily experienced in migrating from SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2019 and to SharePoint Online.

We also migrate InfoPath forms so that you can future-proof your investment.

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Custom-built Solutions

We work in close harmony with you to build great solutions.

Want SharePoint to NOT look like SharePoint? Our CSS wizards are highly skilled and adept at customising the user experience.

We are highly experienced in building SharePoint farms, Intranets, Extranets – you name it we have done it!

For example we built a ground-breaking performance management solution for Careers Wales which enabled management of people and assets related to performance locked into a vault with really secure access.

For the National Grid we developed an InfoPath solution that had defied previous consultants ability to build. This is now in use globally.

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Agile Solutions

We are passionate about using Agile to deliver outstanding solutions.

Our award winning team work really hard to translate your wants and needs into reality. If you are in the initial stages of your Agile journey we will mentor and guide you as we work together as one team.

Information Architecture

Planning is everything.

Our SharePoint architects have designed intranets  with highly complex requirements. We ensure your search experience is enhanced, quick and precise so that you can reliably find content.

Your intranet is perfectly laid out to be an intuitive part of your people’s everyday life.

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InfoPath Solutions

InfoPath is a key technology for many existing SharePoint clients. However it is being phased out and you will seek to replace your existing forms.

You can choose different routes from lift and shift into a new platform or to future proof what you already have. Call us to learn more.


Trusted Partners

During the past 20 years we have built up a deep understanding of the third party ecosystem around SharePoint. It is often faster, more cost-effective and with higher quality than building your own solution.

We have developed a trusted partner network whose products we have used, like and have chosen as best-of-breed.